Does a thumb brace help with osteoarthritis?

Does a thumb brace help with osteoarthritis?


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Osteoarthritis in the thumb (also known as rhizo osteoarthritis) is the most common form of osteoarthritis after knee and hip osteoarthritis. Some symptoms of thumb osteoarthritis are: pain, stiffness and loss of function. This article focuses on the following question: “Does a thumb brace help with osteoarthritis?”

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Does a thumb brace help?

Thumb osteoarthritis is often treated by a hand therapist. In many cases, a thumb brace is also advised or fitted. A thumb brace can keep the thumb joints stable or fix them during daily activities, so that pain symptoms decrease during the activities. A brace is extremely effective for the thumb, because you make a lot of fine motor movements with your hands during the day. Think, for example, of writing or typing and eating with knife, fork and / or spoon.


The American College of Physicians has conducted research into the effect of a thumb brace on osteoarthritis. The reason for the study was the limited amount of research into the effectiveness of a thumb brace for osteoarthritis. The participants with thumb osteoarthritis were divided into two groups. One group only received regular treatments from a therapist and the other group received, in addition to the regular treatment, a thumb brace. For the first month, no difference was observed between these two groups. After a year, the group with a brace reported a lower pain score than the group without a brace.

Source: Splint for Base-of-Thumb Osteoarthritis A Randomized Trial – Journal Annals of internal medicine 2009

The Diakonhjemmet hospital in Oslo has also conducted research into the effectiveness of a thumb brace. The aim of this research was to use literature research to find out to what extent a thumb brace and exercises for the thumb are effective in combating pain from osteoarthritis. The researchers concluded that there is coherent evidence that a thumb brace is effective for osteoarthritis.

Source: Systematic review of design and effects of splints and exercise programs in hand osteoarthritis – US National Library of Medicine 2011

Which thumb brace suits me best?

Choosing the right thumb brace is important to bring about a good effect. We are happy to help you with this choice with our Bracewijzer. Bracewijzer is not intended to give an indication and is therefore not an alternative to a consultation with your general practitioner, doctor, physiotherapist and other healthcare professionals. It is wise to always make your movement complaint known to a competent healthcare professional.


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